A group of experts in botany dedicated to the conservation of plants and their wildlife habitat


An independent group providing scientific expertise and technical skills to implement and monitor botanical conservation programs.



Our skills in the field of botany and applied conservation:


  • Botanical expertise: floristic inventories, identifications, characterising and mapping vegetations,
  • Conservation : wildlife habitat management and monitoring, species conservation projects, actions programs,
  • International programs management,
  • Teaching, skill transfer, field trainings and educational,
  • Wildlife photography,
  • Putting up educational tools: species data sheets, posters, booklets …

About us


A group of botanists’ expert dedicated to plant biodiversity and wildlife habitats conservation.





  • Botanical expertise,
  • Conservation sciences,
  • Implementing & monitoring international conservation programs,
  • Scientific and technical teaching and field training.




Mrs Sarah Cardinal, MSc

Mr  Bruno Bordenave, PhD

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